Dr. Rajendra Prasad Biography - Life History, Achievements & Work and Study

Birth and Education

Rajendra Prasad was destined to Mahadev Sahai and Kamleshwari Devi at Ziradei, in the Siwan

He was the most youthful offspring of his folks.

Despite the fact that the arudha lagna is in Aries, the contrary sign Libra is more grounded with Venus and will be the utilitarian arudha for his life.

Kin show from the eleventh bhava from arudha Lagna (AL-Ar). Eleventh Lord Saturn is in Taurus. It conjoins commended Moon (Male, senior sibling Mahendra Prasad) and has the race drishti of Venus (Female, senior sister Bhagwati Devi Prasad).

A praiseworthy understudy, he got his initial training from Moulavi, an expert Muslim researcher, who showed him Persian, Hindi and number-crunching.

It is obvious that by 1884 the East India Company had effectively crushed the customary Gurukula training framework in Bengal Presidency (Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, NE districts and so on.). The Hindu families had no choice, however, to send their kids to Madrassa (customary Muslim School) where a Moulvi (religious pioneer) bestowed essential training. At any rate, the Muslims were solid enough to oppose the British social annihilation and were caring enough to enable the Hindu youngsters to go to their school.

Instruction began in the Dasha of Mars (conjoined digbala badhakesha Mercury – outside, other culture) demonstrating that a kind Moulvi made him capable at dialect (Me) and Math/Logic (Ma). From there on Rahu Dasha began in July 1891 and Rajendra Prasad was en route to get his Doctorate. Rahu is greatly very much put in the tenth house in mulatrikona.

Later he learned at the Chapra District School and T.K. Ghosh's Academy in Patna. For advanced education, he moved to Calcutta where he anchored a grant at the Presidency College, for a qualification in science. Changing his surge of concentrates from science to expressions, he got a Masters Degree in Economics in Dec 1907 (Rahu dasa Sun Antara). In Siddhamsa (D24 Chart), Rahu is the master of the fifth house put in the twelfth house in mulatrikona Virgo having a viewpoint on fourth bhava (instruction) through Sun is the eleventh ruler in D24-Lagna giving acknowledgment and finish.
locale of Bihar (26°14′10″ N, 84°14′53″E) on December 3, 1884.

Work and Study

In the wake of accepting his MA (Economics) degree, he took up the activity of English Professor at Langat Singh College in Muzaffarpur in Rahu dasa Moon Antara. In dasamsa (d10 graph) Rahu is in the 6th house in debility and perspectives the tenth house. Moon is in digbala in the fourth bhava and completely perspectives the tenth house Pisces (Ju, instructive foundation). A lifted up eleventh master Mars conjoins Lagnese Mercury and elevates him rapidly – advanced as the chief of the Langat College.

In Siddhamsa (d24) Mars runs the houses concerning Masters and Doctorate training. He would not be fulfilled by his MA (Eco) degree and leaving from his activity as Principal of Langat College, he went to Calcutta for a law degree in 1908 (Rahu dasa Mars Antara). In D24 Mars is the second ruler of Masters training while in dasamsa (d10) it is additionally set in eighth house (abdication). However, a lifted up Mars in d10 won't keep him without work – he served as a teacher of Economics at the Calcutta City College where ponders MA (Law). In 1915 (Jupiter dasa Mercury Antara), he graduated with distinction in Masters certificate in Law, winning a gold award. Both Jupiter and Mercury are in the ninth house in siddhamsa giving a gift look to Mars in the third house. Anyway, Mars is additionally the seventh ruler and will demand a Doctorate. Significantly later in 1937 (Saturn dasa Sun Antara), he finished his Doctorate in Law from Allahabad University

Legitimate Career and Politics

With the coming of Jupiter dasa, in 1911 (Ju-Ju) while in Calcutta for his Law degree and filling in as Economics educator, he joined the Indian National Congress. Jupiter is powerful in the dasamsa (d10) as the tenth master in mulatrikona Sagittarius in the seventh bhava. Be that as it may, he worked at the High Court of Bihar and Odisha (1916 Ju-Me) and was selected as an individual from the Senate and Syndicate of the Patna University (1917 Ju-Ve).

His dynamic association in legislative issues developed to a point where it ended up untenable for him to proceed in his legitimate practice nor his University obligations. With the Non-participation development propelled in the mid-year of 1920 (Jupiter dasa Sun Antara) he quit his calling and took to governmental issues. In the dasamsa, Jupiter is all around put and pushes him to accomplish. It is additionally put in Leo in the race outline in the ninth house (master/father) demonstrating that he will remain by his master (Mahatma Gandhi) and will be a genuine devotee. Not at all like others in the Indian Congress who misinterpreted Gandhiji's suspension of the common noncompliance development because of the savagery, he remained by his guide. Further, the Sun drives Jupiter as the anitya-karaka for Lagna. In the dasamsa the Sun is in the eighth house constraining him to leave; it conjoins Lagnese Mercury demonstrating to him the way to government and organization and is conjoined lifted up Mars making him exceptionally solid and dauntless.

Indeed, the main Satyagraha development roused by Gandhi happened in Champaran locale of Bihar in Apr 1917 (Jup dasa Ketu Antara) and Dr. Rajendra Prasad with the intensity of Jupiter behind him was there to lead Bihar into a noteworthy period of India. Jupiter and Ketu are co-rulers of Pisces the tenth house in dasamsa. Dr. Rajendra Prasad was captured thus solid was the tumult that the common judge needed to discharge him. It was here that Gandhi was called 'Bapu' and 'Mahatma' out of the blue. It is almost certain that if Gandhi turned into the dad of the country and is alluded to as Mahatma, it was because of the courageous confidence and devotion of this passionate devotee. Everytime that Gandhi would be in some issue, Rajendra Prasad was there to go to bat for him – after all, you require a Jupiter (Sg-Lag Rajendra Prasad) to magnify a Venus (Li-Malavya Mahatma Gandhi). In 1934 (Saturn dasa Venus Antara), he was chosen the President of Indian National Congress in it's Bombay session. Venus is the fifth ruler (control) in dasamsa and is put in ninth house (guide). Saturn Venus proceeded and he was again President in 1935.

The Bose Betrayal

An extraordinary crack between Jawaharlal Nehru and Subhash Chandra Bose debilitated to isolate the Congress. Bose needed direct activity and opportunity while Nehru needed a conservative approach and offering capacity to the British. In the congressional races of 1938, Bose solidly crushed the Nehru-Gandhi gathering and was chosen as INC President. Again in 1939 Bose rehashed his execution. Gandhi and Nehru could detect the power moving toward the east (Bengal) and the general population temperament moves from minor power-sharing to finish autonomy. However legislative issues requested that Bose must stop and Nehru wins – this was the principal annihilation of 'majority rules system' – chose leader of INC needed to leave to clear a path for the Guru's applicant. Obviously, Nehru was sufficiently brilliant not to take up the Presidency and rather, Rajendra Prasad rose to the calling of his guide and in 1939 he again assumed up to the liability (Saturn dasa Rahu Antara) as the 'fall fellow' for his tutor. We appreciate the master bhakti of Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

This was a splendid political move of Gandhi and caused contrasts between the Bengali/Odiya and Bihari individuals (Bose was born in Cuttack, Odisha). Such a crack would guarantee, to the point that another lion could never thunder from the eastern skyline. Gandhi enabled a couple of years to cool things and unite the Congress. When he was certain that this cognizance was back in INC, in August 1942 he began the 'Quit India' development! Rajendra Prasad was in Saturn dasa Jupiter Antara and went quickly into the development behind his guide – going to imprison and proceeding with the tumult. Jupiter was the open door that would prompt extraordinary achievement. He was captured and imprisoned for just about three years – discharged on 15 June 1945 with the approach of Mercury dasa in Mercury Antara.

Break Government

Mercury is lagnehsa of dasamsa and is conjoined commended Mars in a viparita raja yoga. Mars is sixth Lord in eighth house and Sun is third Lord in the eighth house – together they shape Sarala Yoga and exchange this yoga capacity to Mercury, the lagnesha. Further, the disposition of this yoga is Saturn, who is likewise anitya karaka for dasamsa lagnesha and is positioned in magnification in the fifth place of intensity and specialist.

In the development of Interim Government of 12 assigned pastors under the authority of Jawaharlal Nehru, he was made the Minister for Food and Agriculture. Occasion date:2 Sep 1946 Mercury dasa Mercury Antara Saturn pratyantara – dasamsa lagnesa and anitya karaka (depositor) assumed this part. Before long on 11 Dec 1946 in a similar period (Me-Me-Sa), he was chosen the President of Constituent Assembly. He stayed in this situation till 26 Jan 1950.

First President of India

On 26 January 1950, the Constitution of free India was sanctioned and Dr. Rajendra Prasad was chosen the country's first President. Dasa: Mercury dasa Venus Antara Saturn pratyantara. Once again we see the three trine rulers of dasamsa working in agreement – Mercury is getting a charge out of the full intensity of Sarala yoga. It has subhakartari of Venus (fifth ruler in 9H) and Jupiter (tenth Lord in Sg in the seventh house). Both Lagnesa and fifth ruler Mercury and Venus are disposited by Saturn who is magnified in the fifth house (control).

In the wake of serving the Indian Republic for over twelve years as its President, he chose to resign in May 1962 (Ketu dasa Venus Antara). In the dasamsa, Ketu is co-ruler of Scorpio (sixth house) and Pisces (Ketu Mulatrikona, tenth house). It is set in the twelfth house indicating giving ceaselessly or misfortune. In this way, Ketu will bring giving up (12H) of intensity/position (tenth house, Pi) and additionally end (twelfth house) of administration (sixth house, Sc). Facilitate Ketu is in Taurus possessed by Venus – thus dasa and Antara was of Ketu and its dispositor.

He came back to Patna on 14 May 1962 and wanted to remain in the grounds of Bihar Vidyapeeth. He was in this manner granted the Bharat Ratna, the country's most noteworthy nonmilitary personnel grant.


Dr. Rajendra Prasad kicked the bucket on 28 Feb 1963 in Ketu dasa Sun Antara and Sun pratyantara. In the rasi (d1) Ketu is twelfth ruler in marana karaka sthana in the fourth house while Sun is in marana karaka sthana in the twelfth house. In the navamsa, Sun is twelfth master (mrtyu is in twelfth house in navamsa) and is in the fourth house with Ketu who is again in marana karaka sthana.

In this manner finished the life of one of the best opportunity contenders of India whose master bhakti will dependably be an incredible motivation.

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