Biography of Mahatma Gandhi ,which is the father of nation

Mahatma Gandhi biography that is the story of 'my experiment with the truth' and an essay about Mahatma Gandhi which is inspiring to all Indians.


who is Mahatma Gandhi?About Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi life and background:-

Mahatma Gandhi born on October 2, 1869, and he died general 30 1948.

the full name of Mahatma Gandhi is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi also people known as him 
 or Bapu. father name Karamchand uttamchand Gandhi and his mother Putlibai.his father Karam Chand
 belong to Hindu and his mother belong to Pranami Vaishnava Hindu the age of 9 G,G Gandhiji entered the local School in Rajkot.

in may  1883 Mahatma Gandhi was 13 year old married kasturbai makhanji Kapadia, In that time  he
 study in School.

In 1885 Karamchand Gandhi died  in this time Gandhiji was in 16 year old and his wife as is 17

when is 17 years old she have a child  no longer time to survive after that Gandhiji has  four more
 children they are first is Harilal  born in 1888 then second is Manilal born in 1892 then the third one is
 Ramdas born in 1897 and the last one he is Devdas born in 1900.

in  November   1887 in the age of 18 ,Gandhiji was graduated  from high school in Ahmedabad in 
January 1888 started learning in the college of Bhavnagar state and then his cat degree of Higher 
Education in the region.

Education and Struggle:-

Gandhiji  was from a poor family  so he dropped out from his cheapest college. Dev Joshi a  family
 friend advice to Gandhi to study the law in the London, in  4 Sep 1888 he started jthe ourney from Bombay 
\to London he studied law in the London at the linear temple. he left London to India in 1893 a Muslim
 Merchant named Dada Abdulla he offered  to solving and pay to Mahatma Gandhi 105 rupees plos
 travel expense.

Gandhiji struggle for  Indian Independence:-

Gandhi's join the  Indian National Congress  when Gokhale was the key leader of the Congress Party
 Gandhiji started his  planning inside the party. Gandhiji take the leadership of Indian National Congress
 in the year of 1920. 26 January 1930 the Indian National Congress declared Independence for India by
 the British government did not permit to independent  to the India then Indian National Congress started 
 a big role for independent of the India.

in 1917 Gandhiji was got the first major achievement to the Champaran agitation

In 1906  Zulu war started in South Africa due to English  are murdered to South African in the election.

Gandhiji started non cooperation movement against British:-

Gandhiji used non cooperation non violence and peaceful resistance against the British people  due to 
Jalian wala Bhag incident in the Amritsar on Punjab in this incident there are a lot of people that died
 due to the firing of English that is the day off  Hindus New Year General Dyer was the Governor.
 in December 1921 Gandhiji was appointed as the executive officer of the Indian National Congress
 when Gandhiji become the executive officer  then he started a new

new purpose named Swaraj .then Gandhiji started tomeet the people and and say spend your many 
times to create Khadi and kurta this is the man evolution in the India independence then the another
 incident held in the  ChauriChora Uttar Pradesh in 1922 the local people are killed 21 English Police 
officers to burn the police station there is the memorable incident for British in March 1922 Gandhiji
 was arrested and take a six year  jail for this incident.

Swaraj and Salt Satyagraha:-

On December31  1929 the flag hoisting in India in Lahore in January 26   1930 the National Congress
 celebrate the Indian Independence Day on Lahore then Gandhiji started a new Satyagraha on March
 1930 against imthe position of salt. in March 12 to April 6 Gandhiji and some great men are starting a  walk
 of 400 km or 248 miles In this time L,ord Edward irwin is the Governor of India thousands of people are
 walking with Gandhiji towards the sea that is the most successful Satyagraha in Inthe dian revolution in
 this Satyagraha 80000 peoples are arrested by the British government it is  the most memorable day
 for India history By the Satyagraha British government give the permission to re release all the peoples
 after that Gandhiji was arrested the Government of British tried to stop the followers of Gandhi to avoid
 all the critical situation .

Then the Second World War started in 1939.

Independence and partition of India:-

when Mohammad Ali Jinnah want a new country that is Muslim country to propose a proposal for
 building the Pakistan in 1946 Gandhiji advice to the Congress to reject the proposal in Brthe itish cabinet 
mission Due to this in 1948 more than 500 people were killed during the violence in India  this is your
 sothe n became to India divided Mohammad Ali Jinnah is the leader of Muslim In North India in bangle
 there was a incident behind Muslim and Hindu this become a war is called Indo Pak war of 1947 the
 government decide that the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel To give all the Muslims Pakistan due to this war.

The last things:-

Gandhiji is the people who gave  to India independent not also Gandhiji but also all the freedom fighters
 gave to India to becoming a major role so don't be forget the sacrifice Of the freedom fighters don't we 
lose them because you will say to proudly I am Indian due to him so finally I, requested to all the viewers 
don't lose the India two other countries so you do your best to create a India better and better  if you 
Indian then you will say in proudly I do my best to become the India more better and better so finally I
 told you one thing.


                                   " Jai Hind, Vande Mataram"

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